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For many years, non-smokers have looked down on weed users as being ‘stoners’ that live unfulfilled and unhappy lives. After seeing those misconceptions largely fade over the last decade or so, largely due to an increased understanding of marijuana, does the latest research prove that cannabis smokers are actually better people? Possibly.

The case for cannabis improving lives

As the largest cannabis dispensary in Vegas, we’ve championed the benefits of marijuana for a long time. First and foremost, our Las Vegas strip dispensary has taken great pride in seeing clients reap the benefits of medicinal marijuana. A few studies, meanwhile, suggest that CBD has more general and “reliable anti-anxiety effects”, says Carl Stevenson, a neuroscientist who has researched the effects of compounds within cannabis on fear and anxiety.

The latest research by BDS Analytics, entitled Public Attitudes and Actions Towards Legal Cannabis highlights several trends that suggest marijuana users may be the happiest and most satisfied individuals in modern society. Smoking cannabis has been shown to offer the following potential benefits:

While some of those findings may seem surprising to some, they shouldn’t. Our cannabis entertainment complex serves a large number of successful business people that smoke to reduce tension and clear their heads. Likewise, chemical changes can encourage users to lose some of the fear and inhibition that could potentially stifle their creativity.

Smoking cannabis isn’t the only route to happiness, but its consumption may have a positive influence on the lives of millions.

Why does cannabis have such a huge impact?

The potential effects of cannabis are caused by chemical compounds, such as THC and other cannabinoids. When consumed in large quantities, it will make you experience a ‘high’. However, regulated consumption can take the edge off in a positive fashion.

On a physical level, it may reduce the symptoms of migraines as well as eye-conditions such as glaucoma. Marijuana also can help with temporary pain relief, which can aid productivity and enable the user to get on with their life.

Marijuana’s chemical changes may also impact the mind, which includes a heightened sense of self-awareness, a deeper appreciation of the world around you, and a desire to be more sociable. All of these elements can feed into the life benefits mentioned above.

If nothing else, cannabis may provide a more positive outlook. Given that positivity breeds positivity, this can only have a good influence. Moreover, the fact that you’ll be more likely to surround yourself with other positive people is sure to work wonders for the immediate and long-term situation.

Only the best will do

Whether you’re a long-term marijuana smoker or new to the idea of using it as a way to boost your life, it’s imperative that you find a trustworthy and regulated dispensary. Otherwise, you could run the risk of inhaling dangerous chemicals and getting ripped off with inferior products.

Planet 13 is officially the best Las Vegas strip dispensary, and our experts are more than happy to guide you through every step of the process. Whether you plan to smoke, use cannabis oils, or try consumable materials is up to you. Either way, choosing our services brings guaranteed quality and customer care.

Come visit us in store or give us a call on 702.815.1313 to learn more today.