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With so many vendors on the market, it can sometimes be challenging to select high-quality cannabis products. Finding a great quality seller, like Planet 13, is essential if you want to get the most out of this miraculous plant and its unique medicinal qualities.

Selecting a first-class cannabis product is a lot like picking quality fruit and vegetables. Often you can tell just from the outward appearance of the cannabis whether it is of high quality or not. There are visual signs, as there are with any other plant, which yields valuable information.

At Planet 13, we’re committed to being the best Las Vegas dispensary. Take a look at this guide for selecting first-class cannabis.

Check For Resin Content

Planet 13 sells the best quality flowers through our Medizin line, but some vendors sell inferior quality flowers to save on costs. How can you tell the difference? Poor quality flowers and buds often feel either dry or moist to the touch. High-quality flowers, like those we sell at our cannabis entertainment complex and Las Vegas strip dispensary, do not. You can tell that you’re handling a quality cannabis flower if it leaves a slightly sticky resin on your fingers.

Check For Well-Manicured Flowers

The next step is to check how well manicured the flowers appear to be. Well looked after flowers have most of the leaves trimmed away and the stalk removed. At Planet 13, we offer quality flowers befitting of the greatest dispensary in Vegas. Our Medizin brand buds have all of the leaves removed except for those near the bud. We leave these because they are rich in trichomes.

Look For A White Resin Surrounding The Bud

The white resin surrounding the bud of the cannabis flower is where you find many of the active compounds that make cannabis famous, including terpenes and cannabinoids. At Medizin, we grow and specially distribute our cannabis flowers to maximize flower quality and terpene preservation. Using our lighting technology and techniques to promote advantageous gene expression in the plant, our flowers deliver optimal potency. Our packaging is designed to preserve the freshness of cannabis buds during transport, helping to retain the beneficial qualities of the herb while avoiding contamination with bacteria, dust, and dirt.

Smell The Aroma Of The Cannabis

As anybody who has used cannabis before will attest, marijuana has a strong smell. However, that smell isn’t just incidental: it’s an indication of the overall quality of the plant. The active compounds in the cannabis plant are what create the scent that we perceive, so the presence of smell is an indication of quality. While it’s true that the tone of cannabis smells can vary from various strains (with some strains taking on oaky, fruity, sweet or spicy scents), the primary determinant of quality is potency. In short, the stronger the plant smells, the better.

Look For Brightly Colored Flowers

At Planet 13, our cannabis products deliver a first-class experience. One of the reasons for this is that we ensure that our vendor’s products are of the highest quality. Cannabis, just like fruit and vegetables, begins to lose some of its beneficial compounds when cut from the mother plant and transported to market. Thanks to our vendor’s unique processes, however, our products retain all of its qualities. How can you tell? The best cannabis strains should contain a combination of the colors of the rainbow. There should be oranges, reds, and purples in addition to greens and browns. Lower quality Las Vegas dispensaries will often sell inferior cannabis that appears dull and lifeless.

Look For Dense Flowers

Flower density is another indication of the quality of the cannabis plant. The denser the flowers, the more nutrient-dense the cannabis, and the greater the therapeutic effect. Flowers with a higher concentration of buds at the center tend to generate a more potent experience, while those that are leafier tend to look lighter and don’t pack the same punch.

Selecting first-class cannabis can be a challenge. If you’re not used to it, it can be all too easy to choose an inferior product.

Not sure which cannabis product to choose? Then get in touch with our knowledgable budtenders. They are resourceful and will help you find the product that’s best for you.