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With the growing popularity of cannabis in legal markets, it should be no surprise that we’re seeing all the innovation and variety that legitimate, professional suppliers can bring with them. As such, Planet 13, the best Vegas dispensary working with the top-quality brands, offers a range of different extracts.

A huge range of different extracts and concentrates means options for customers. Used over the centuries in teas, hash, tinctures, and edibles, the variety of extracts has only grown thanks to modern production methods. When it comes to finding the most potent and controllable dosage of cannabis extracts, Planet 13 is where you’ll find them.

So, what types are out there and which might work best for you?

Solventless extracts

Solventless extracts are produced without a need for a chemical solution. Though kief and cold-water hash were amongst the most prevalent of them, modern solventless methods have enabled producers to create a wide range of extract types.


The small, sticky crystals growing from the cannabis flower itself, kief is separated from the plant using a three-chamber herb grinder that allows the crystals to fall into a separate compartment. As a much more potent form of cannabis, it’s often sprinkled over packed bowls and joints, or coated along the outside the joint to twax it.


Hash is another product that can be made through kief. One of the oldest types of refined cannabis extracts available, it’s essentially kief that has been heated and pressurized into a softer form. Hash can also be made by using ice water or a sieve to separate the trichomes from the plant. A slight difference in flavor from kief, hash is a touch less potent than solvent extracts, and has been widely replaced by other solventless extracts.


One of the latest developments, rosin has become much more popular in a huge range of products. It’s widely used to create solventless shatter and hash oil with the right strains, heat, pressure, and exposure. Rosin is hugely varied in itself, with different colors, structures, and flavors based on what kinds of cannabis flowers, kief, and water hash is used. Consistency of this translucent, juicy extract can differ but can reach THC consistencies of up to 70% as with our Virtue Diamond Dust.


Another type of solventless hash oil, budder is created by applying light heat and agitation to rosin, creating a salve-like or buttery product. Budder tends to be a much more aromatic extract, one that’s often used for dabbing, such as Binske Larry’s Lemon Cookies.

Freeze-dried hash oil

Unlike budder, freeze-dried hash oil is created by applying cold to the trichomes in the cannabis plant rather than heating them. As such, much more of their potency can be preserved.

Solvent-based extracts

Solvent extracts have dipped a little in popularity lately. This is due to the fact that solvents are riskier to make, given the explosiveness of the chemicals used, and also that residue from the solvent can be difficult to remove from the resulting extract. As such, buyers should ensure they’re buying from certified producers with a reputation for producing high-quality extracts. At Planet 13, we ensure that we provide only the highest quality, safest solvent-based extracts available.

Butane hash oil, or BHO, is the most common solvent-based extraction. BHO extracts can come in a variety of shapes, including waxes, shatters, honeycombs, oils, and more. The butane is run through the plants, taking the oils with it before it is evaporated with heat, leaving the cannabis extract behind. RSO extracts, or Rick Simpson oil, is created by soaking the plant in naphtha or isopropyl alcohol, leaving a tar-like extract at the end, which is used orally or applied directly to the skin. Amongst our solvent-based extracts, we have products like Envy BHO Chemdawg 91.5g Shatter and Medizin OGKB 2.0 RSO.

A huge range of extract products available from Planet 13

As the biggest dispensary in Vegas, we have extracts and extract-based products of the highest quality and widest varieties. Modern cannabis producers are both expanding the range of products and improving on the safety and quality of products that were previously a risky purchase.

To see the whole range of extracts and other cannabis oils, edibles, dabs, and more available from the top cannabis entertainment complex on the strip, take a closer look at the selection on our online menu. Our search function makes it easier to find the perfect product for you, however you prefer to take it and whatever flavors best suit your preferences.