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As widespread as they are, allergies affect an estimated 50 million Americans every year. Whether chronic or seasonal, from food to pollen to animal hair; the symptoms can be legitimately dangerous as well as irritating.

As such, those living with allergies, and the symptoms they bring (such as sneezing, coughing, inflammation, dermatitis and more) are ever on the lookout for new ways to relieve their symptoms. But what if a potential relief is already available?

Here, we’re going to look at the role of cannabis, and whether it can work to relieve your allergies or not.

Is cannabis the right treatment for allergies?

The compounds present in cannabis known as cannabinoids have a lot more uses than simply being recreational. CBD and THC are the two relevant components and have been shown to potentially alleviate pain, nausea, balance the body’s immune system, and much more. There are also signs that cannabis compounds may even be a safer treatment than the commonly used antihistamines.

Given the influence that THC has on the immune system, it is argued that it can slow or stop the overreaction of the immune system to allergens, which is the cause of the symptoms in the first place. Meanwhile, CBD has been demonstrated in preventing the airways from closing, meaning it may be able to offer relief with coughing and breathing, some of the most common allergy symptoms.

How might cannabis be able to help?

The effects of cannabis on those suffering from the symptoms of allergies are still being widely studied. However, there are some indications of symptoms it can prevent or ease, as well as how cannabinoids may even counteract the mechanisms inside the body that cause those symptoms to manifest in the first place.

Cannabis and inflammation

CBD and THC have been shown to be working treatments of inflammation. An allergic response causes inflammation, the mechanical cause of many of the most recognizable symptoms like itchiness, sneezing, hives, and the like. How cannabis impacts inflammation is still under study, though some believe that it stops the release cytokines, which are the main inflammatory pathway.

Cannabis and chronic pain

Cannabis has been shown to be widely effective in combating all kinds of chronic pain, which can come as a result of the inflammation caused by allergy symptoms. Both high-CBD and mixed CBD/THC strains may be able to soothe all types of pain.

Cannabis and histamine

The release of histamine, triggered by antibodies in response to allergens, is what brings on the different symptoms of allergies. The cannabinoids in cannabis have been shown in some clinical trials to impair the activation of the antibodies that cause the release of histamine. They may also have a role to play in how THC can suppress mast cell activation, which is another way that histamines are released.

As such, cannabis may be able to suppress the release of histamine, which could delay the onset of allergy symptoms and reduce their severity as well.

Cannabis and asthma

Many allergy sufferers are already trying cannabis alongside traditional treatments to see if it is effective at managing their symptoms. One of the symptoms it is known to alleviate is the nasal congestion, coughing and difficulty breathing that is common amongst many types of allergy, but most severe in cases of asthma.

Both CBD and THC have been shown to open constricted airways in early trials, while also soothing the inflammation that leads to the congestion in the first place. As such, it may certainly be possible that cannabis could be an effective treatment for asthma. However, as dangerous as the condition is, it’s important that you talk to a doctor before making any changes at all to your asthma treatment plan.

Cannabis and seasonal allergies

Cannabis, especially high-CBD strains and CBD products such as oils, have antimicrobial abilities that may be able to help with seasonal allergies like hay fever as well. Many prefer to use non-smoking cannabis products, as the actual act of smoking can aggravate an inflamed throat or sinus. However, CBD oil, edibles, and other high CBD products may be able to open those sinuses without causing the same discomfort.

Is it time to see whether cannabis is the allergy relief you need?

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