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Cannabis legalization efforts are succeeding in the US with each passing year. In 2021, federal government developments have been established to legalize the possession and consumption of medical cannabis. In light of this trend, the state of Nevada is planning to go a step further by opening cannabis consumption lounges.

About the Bill

The Assembly Bill 341 that legalizes cannabis consumption lounges cleared with a decent 29-12 vote. The bill, which was sponsored by Assemblymember Steve Yeager, is expected to take effect in October 2021.

The Bill will impose certain rules and regulations on the service providers. Since these rules are still being written and may take a while to finalize, the execution of the bill is halted until October so everything can be streamlined.

What Are Cannabis Consumption Lounges?

These lounges enable new and avid cannabis consumers to enjoy a designated environment to consume recreational cannabis with ease and convenience. A lot of users are excited about independent lounges, which may have a bar-like setup where users can sit back, relax and enjoy their favorite adult-use cannabis. The bill bars alcohol from being served within cannabis lounges.

Types of Lounges

The bill will open up new avenues for businesses trying to penetrate Nevada’s cannabis industry. It enables new businesses to establish an independent lounge for cannabis consumption regardless of whether they have an existing dispensary. In other words, it invites new entrants to the state’s cannabis sector, which will translate into a greater influx of money in Nevada.

Existing cannabis dispensary complexes will also have the opportunity to expand their business by adding a cannabis consumption lounge to their premises. The biggest Vegas dispensary – Planet 13 – and several other dispensaries near Las Vegas strip are already set to expand their in-store operations to add a cannabis consumption complex for users.

It will be a requirement for independent lounges to get their license for operations within the Nevada cannabis sector, and since this may take some time to acquire, any existing dispensary near Las Vegas strip will inherently have an edge over any new entrants as they already have the license to operate.

The Efforts Date Back to 2016

The idea of a cannabis consumption lounge is not new. It has been a proposed topic of discussion since 2016, when the state of Nevada legalized cannabis. Any prior efforts to establish cannabis consumption lounges were, however, halted during the pandemic.

Limitations Of Cannabis Consumption Lounges

The bar-like arrangement for cannabis consumption lounges led to the belief that other items can also be sold within them. The Assembly Bill 341 addressed this by limiting these lounges to cannabis-only products. The types of cannabis that will be allowed to consume in a cannabis lounge are still under careful review by regulators.

THC-infused edibles and smoking cannabis are allowed as of now. The bill also permits owners of the lounges to offer live entertainment within the lounge, however, any alcohol or gambling will be prohibited.

Steve Yeager, who sponsored bill 341, said in an interview, “You can think of it like a bar, except obviously there will be no alcohol.” He further continued stating, “It could be a joint, an edible, it could be infused food or infused soda, whatever the concept might be.”

Dispensaries are only allowed to establish a single lounge on-site, and there are detailed guidelines about the construction of a cannabis lounge that come with the decision to establish one (i.e. proper ventilation).

Each server must be fully equipped with cannabis knowledge, including detailed knowledge regarding potency, dosage, absorption time, etc. Each staff member will also be trained on handling any potential overdosage or impairment issues in the lounge.

The Status of Assembly Bill 341

After multiple amendments in the bill, it was delivered to the governor on June 3rd, who approved it the next day.

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