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Cannabis edibles are becoming an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis; however, this consumption method is only increasing in popularity, as more effective technology is becoming available to edible manufacturers. 

Compared to other substances such as alcohol, the risks of consuming cannabis are relatively low, but there is always the risk of dry mouth, paranoia, anxiousness, and/or increased heart rate. These risks often occur due to over-consumption of cannabis edibles, as many beginner-users aren’t fully aware of the delayed onset of effects from classic edibles.

But what if we told you that Wana Brands, a North American top creator of infused products, has developed a new line of gummies that combine all the benefits of an edible without the classic edible wait times? They’re called Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies, but let us answer a couple of questions first:

What makes “Wana Quick” different from other cannabis edibles?

To answer this question, let’s first dive into classic edibles and what “first pass metabolism” is. After ingesting a classic edible, its THC contents must pass through the digestive system and liver before entering the bloodstream. This process usually takes around 45-90 minutes, in which the other process of “first pass metabolism” (FPM)  occurs. FPM occurs as THC passes through the liver, when it’s converted from Delta-9-THC to 11-Hydroxy-THC. 

When inhaling cannabis, Delta-9-THC moves directly through the respiratory system and into the bloodstream, bypassing the entire FPM process; however, through FPM and the conversion to 11-Hydroxy-THC users experience a different high. This is why most cannabis users will associate the effects of smoking/vaping to feel like a more “cerebral, head high”, while consuming edibles is often associated with a more “intensive, body high”. In addition to the way the effects might feel to the consumer, there’s also a difference in how long users will feel those effects. Generally, the effects of Delta-9-THC will last around 2-4 hours, while the effects of 11-Hydroxy-THC can last from 4-6 hours.

So where do “Wana Quick” gummies come into play? 

While everyone loves traditional cannabis edibles, Wana wanted to offer a gummy that would provide users with that quick-onset, “smoker’s high”. In partnership with Azuca, an industry leader in fast-acting technology, both teams managed to harness a cutting-edge technique called Thermodynamic individual Molecular Encapsulation (TiME). Through nano-technology, such as TiME, cannabinoid molecules are able to move more quickly through the consumer’s system. Each cannabinoid is encapsulated in a thin, water-soluble layer which increases the product’s bioavailability- allowing the Delta-9-THC to enter the bloodstream and bypass first pass metabolism, in the liver.

With an onset time of 5-15 minutes, nano-technology has elevated the way cannabis edibles are produced; even so, while several companies have used nano-technology to increase their edibles’ onset time, Wana Quick Gummies are the first fast-acting gummie to produce a lighter, shorter, more cerebral “Smoker’s High” by bypassing FPM in the liver.

What if I want the intense, traditional high of edibles?

*Wana Quick Gummies are a great option for people who don’t like regular edibles: they provide the desired inhalation-like effects without harming your lungs or drawing unwanted attention with smoke and smells. But if you’re actually a big fan of the traditional edibles experience, what can Wana Quick do for you? 

Well, here’s a start: 

  • Their less intense, more cerebral effects make them ideal for socializing. (Some people prefer to experience traditional edibles in a subdued or solo setting.) 
  • Their 2-4 hour duration means you can enjoy them without feeling impaired for the rest of the day. It’s especially great for events with a limited time frame, like a party, movie, or concert. 
  • Their 5-15 minute onset means minimal waiting to feel effects! This is, again, great for social situations, but it can also be useful if you’re using them to help you sleep or relieve some kind of physical discomfort.  
  • It’s even possible to pair a Wana Quick gummy  with a Classic one for an experience that starts fast and lasts a long time. To be clear, though, this is not recommended for new or low-tolerance consumers. 

Bottom line: traditional edibles remain a classic for a reason, but Wana Quick Gummies can be an ideal option for fast fun with friends – so much so that Wana lovingly refers to them as “Happy Hour Edibles.” They’ve even given them tasty cocktail-inspired flavors like Peach Bellini, Island Punch, Limoncello, and more. 

And as with all Wana products, Quick Gummies allow consumers to customize their experience, because they’re available in three terpene-enhanced, class-specific blends including inspiring sativa, relaxing indica, and balanced hybrid (they also come in a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio). 

So grab a bottle and give them a try! It will only take 5-15 minutes before you’re experiencing them for yourself. 

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