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Assortment of BEBOE products

More adults are opting to bring their favorite cannabis products to social gatherings as they learn new ways to incorporate the plant into their individual lifestyles. At the same time, many consumers have recently learned the hard way that not all cannabis brands are created equal –especially in terms of quality and the types of activities specific products should be paired with. This is a common rite of passage for newer consumers who realize a little too late that their favorite edible for unwinding on the couch was probably not the best choice for a dinner party with friends. 

In the past, finding the right cannabis product that gave you a light buzz while allowing you to stay fully functional in a social setting took a fair amount of experimentation. Given the overwhelming number of products currently on the market, today’s consumers may not have the time or money to sample everything until they find their sweet spot. Beboe, the latest luxury cannabis brand to launch in Nevada, aspires to take the guesswork out of the modern cannabis experience while providing a sophisticated offering that any consumer can feel proud to show off in public.

What exactly is a socially dosed cannabis product?

Think about how you like to feel when you’re out with friends. You could be fully present in the moment, energized, deep in conversation, or vibing out to your favorite song. The right cannabis products can enhance these positive social occasions, but every now and then you come across a product that’s too potent or one that produces an unanticipated effect. This can ultimately result in a high-jacked experience. Beboe’s founder, Scott Campbell, noticed these situations occurring often in his own circles and saw a need for a “socially-dosed” product intentionally designed to give consumers more control over their own cannabis experiences.

Beboe’s product line – including its Inspired, Downtime and Sweet Dreams blend of Pastilles, or premium hard candies, as well as its Inspired and Downtime blend of luxury vape pens – are artfully formulated to contain the right balance of THC and minor cannabinoids to enhance everyday social activities. 

Each Inspired Pastille contains 5 mg of premium THC, combined with vegan and natural ingredients, to perfectly complement an active and energized lifestyle. Reach for the Inspired blend when you’re in the mood for a celebratory brunch or ready to hit the dance floor and make new friends. For consumers looking for a quick hit, Beboe’s Inspired vape, which contains a designer cocktail of minor cannabinoids (CBG and CBD), creates a light, euphoric, clear-headed experience and can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

Of course, there’s also a time and place for socially-dosed products that complement a chill night in. Beboe’s Downtime Pastilles contain a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio that’s perfectly balanced to help you switch gears into “airplane mode”, while keeping you clear-headed enough to answer when the real-world calls. For those trying to quickly unwind after a long day, Beboe’s cannabinoid-rich Downtime Vape pen contains a custom blend of CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBDV perfect for those reality TV binging, let your hair down, “me-time” parties. Treat yourself to some much-needed R&R without the wine hangover the next day. Lastly, if counting sheep isn’t your thing, Beboe’s Sweet Dreams Pastilles are here to save the night. This delectable black cherry rose-flavored confection contains 5 mg of THC and 1 mg of CBN for a sure-fire way to put beauty sleep back in style. 

I’ve never consumed cannabis in a social setting – where do I start?

We get it! People have only recently started opening up about their cannabis consumption and there are still some dated stigmas attached to consuming in public. Beboe’s packaging takes all of these factors into consideration through its aesthetically pleasing edible tins and luxurious rose gold vapes. 

Scott Campbell leaned into his 25+ years of experience as a renowned tattoo artist to create a discreet yet attractive high-end product portfolio. The brand identity is driven by Scott’s unwavering belief that the Beboe name should be synonymous with exceptional end-to-end cannabis experiences, which is why each design element applied to the portfolio is hand-drawn by Scott himself. It’s no surprise that consumers are proud to flaunt their Beboe products at even the most elegant dinner party or gala. 

With any new cannabis product, it’s important to start low and go slow since each person’s cannabinoid system is different. With that in mind, Beboe’s products are designed to be enjoyed throughout the day or night, while still allowing consumers to feel present and social. It’s about having the freedom to do(se) as you please so that you can unwind, have fun, and still feel like yourself – all while looking good doing it! At the end of the day, Beboe believes that cannabis should help you feel like your best self because after all, Beboe loves you and wants only the best things for you.

Interested in bringing Beboe to your next get-together? Place your orders at Planet 13 online for deliveries and curbside pickup between 9:00am and 12:00am, or visit the Las Vegas dispensary open 24/7 near the Las Vegas strip.