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With Valentine’s Day coming up, you will understandably be making plans for this romantic day. We hope you have a wonderful time, but to ensure your day is a loving and passionate one, consider stocking up on some of the cannabis products from our Las Vegas dispensary to really get you in the mood for love!

Here are some ideas we think you will love ?

Serve your loved one breakfast in bed

If you’re not the one being served up breakfast in bed, consider what you might do for your loved one. Instead of the traditional tea or coffee drink, why not serve your lover a refreshing cup of Bask’s Peppermint Tea, infused with 20mg of CBD to delight all of your partner’s senses! You can find it under our edibles section on our online menu. Rather than a bowl of boring cereal for your partner, treat him or her to one of Evergreen Organix’s Rice Cereal treats, a scrumptious marshmallow bar combined with cereal and a delightful cannabis twist! There are plenty of other edible delights on our site, so have a look, enjoy your time in bed together. Check out these other ideas for a cannabis-infused morning with your love. 

Fill a heart-shaped box with candies

Nothing says I love you like a box of candies, and here at the largest cannabis dispensary, we have everything you need to treat your loved one. You may even find their favorite treat discounted under our edibles deals. Fill up your box with the oh so fun and delicious HaHa Pink Lemonade Gummies, a refreshing treat that tastes just like lemonade, only better! Throw in some salted caramel too from Cannavore, part of a cannabis-infused edible line that your other half will simply adore. We offer every type of edible treat you can think of, so look through the rest of the delicious edibles menu and find the ones your partner will love best. Feel free to treat yourself too, you deserve it!

Have an at-home spa day

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day alone or with your loved one, why not unwind with a spa day at home? You could soak in the bubbles and scents created by one of Planet M’s cannabis-infused bath bombs (we recommend the Sandalwood Bath Bomb, perfectly blended with CBD and sandalwood oils), and rejuvenate your mind and body with the relaxing effects of CBD found in our range of lotions and balms. Let all of your worries fade away, and prepare yourself for your other Valentine’s Day plans. 

Enjoy a romantic meal

No matter what kind of meal you both fancy, you can get yourself into a romantic mood with some edible cooking ingredients. Check out Cannabella’s CBD Ghee, for example, an exotic hemp butter that is a healthier alternative to the other kinds of butter and oils you might use when cooking. And for dessert, consider a Vert Red Velvet Cookie Square or any other sweet delight that can be found in the edible section of our site.

Go on a date to Planet 13

Need a unique date idea? Visit our dispensary near the Las Vegas Strip, check out our cannabis products, and enjoy a latte or cup of coffee at the Purc coffee shop, or indulge in a beer and slice of pizza or wings at the our restaurant. We have a range of entertainment features at our complex too, as well as stores offering exclusive branded goods, so visit our Instagram page to find out more about what we can offer you on your date. 

Watch a movie together

What can be better than snuggling up with your loved one on the sofa while watching a romantic movie? Sure, you could go to the cinema, but if you have a favorite romantic movie, you could watch it from the comfort of your own home. And to get into that loving feeling, try some premium cannabis strains, from the appropriately named Wedding Cake by Reina which is packed full of mood-enhancing terpenes to their Strawberry Banana strain (guaranteed to drive your loved one bananas with passion), both of which are designed to get you into a relaxed and romantic mood. A perfect opener to your night of passion, we are sure you’ll agree. 

Do you want to know more? Browse our website for other products you might enjoy, get in touch with us from our website, or visit us at our Las Vegas dispensary.


Happy Valentine’s Day! ?

With love,

Planet 13